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What HR Curator Can Do For You?

In simple terms HR Curator can provide information, insights, expertise and consulting support (with expert partners) all of which are designed to help HR fulfil the promise of being a commercially driven function that adds true bottom line value to any organization.


HR Curator is known as an expert curator of information and people related insights and that will continue. Additionally there is extensive business, HR experience and insight available to help shape opportunities and solutions that can meet current and future based business needs and challenges. By drawing on our experiences and learning in real HR jobs we can shape the necessary changes that will maximize the expertise and impact of HR moving forward. Specifically there is expertise available that relates to:

  • Job/Talent Frameworks – what specific performance outcomes and behaviours need to be demonstrated and delivered in jobs?
  • Recruitment and Selection Methodologies – what will ensure that high performers are identified for jobs?
  • Learning and Development Toolkits – what practical help, support and tools will ensure that real time learning is taken forward by all the workforce?
  • Development and Improvement Programs – what needs to be improved to ensure that employees are going to be capable for future challenging roles?
  • Coaching Programs – what support and guidance do executives, leaders and managers require to drive their own capability improvement?
  • HR Capability Programs – what support and learning do HR practitioners need (e.g.: behavioral support, analytics capability, assessment skills etc.) to ensure that they are ready to meet the demands of the future organization?
  • Organizational Change Frameworks – what insight and new way of thinking is required to drive new ways of working that will ensure that the opportunities provided by the digital future of work cab be maximized?
  • Workforce Frameworks – what planning practices need to be changed to ensure that the organization provides not only the best possible experience at work but also identifies and grows the best talent available?

Previous Clients Include:

  • Deutsche Post DHL
  • YMCA
  • Hilton Hotels
  • DMCC
  • Jaguar LandRover
  • SABB
  • Volvo Trucks
  • Zain
  • Avanade
  • Bayer
  • E.ON
  • Nakeel


Dave Millner is an internationally known thought leader in the HR community that continually focuses on the future and the opportunities and challenges that are coming HR’s way. Dave is an expert in the fields of HR Transformation, the Future of HR, the Future of Leadership, Employee Engagement, HR/People/Workforce Analytics, the emerging Employee Experience challenges and the opportunities that automation and the Future of Work will bring. Dave speaks to and consults with organisations and HR functions world-wide to develop their strategy and change plans in a world where disruption is the new normal.

Dave’s thought leadership can be found via his blogs and articles and a range of his distinctive and bespoke speaking keynotes can be found here.

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