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The Now & Future of Work with Dave Millner, @HRCurator
Leading Humans, Simon Cookson

The Now & Future of Leadership with Dave Millner, @HRCurator
Leading Humans, Simon Cookson

HR and the ‘S’ Word
HR Exchange Network

Using data to craft an employee-centric experience – Ben Eubanks and Dave Millner @HRCurator
Ceridian Webinars

The HR Practitioner of The Future – 6 Key Themes
MVR Blog

HRchat Podcast #253: Changing How Employees Feel about their Workplace Experience with Dave Millner @HRCurator
The HR Gazette

HR Transformation in 2021: It Starts with Practitioners
Exchange Network

Learning and Development is Key to Personal Improvement
HR Exchange Network

Progressing HR: Expert Insights on the Impact of Digitisation in Bias and Recruitment 
CASE Candidate Select

5 Top HR Influencers on Re-Focussing Your HR Strategy (including @HRCurator)

Virtual Hiring will be the ‘New Normal’ Are you ready? by @HRCurator

Preparing for the Unpredictable (with Safi Obeidullah of Citrix, Dave Millner @HRCurator, Gerard Lavin of Citrix and Dr Sharna Wiblen of  Sydney Business School, University of Wollongong)
BrightTalk Series

A Data-Driven Approach To HR

Interview with Dave Millner about the HR Tech Scene Response to COVID19

Collaboration Is Future
HR Exchange Network

Building Trust in Leadership Around the Workplace
HR Exchange Network

How L&D Can Help Itself
HR Exchange Network

Digital Transformation is a Workforce Transformation: HR Must Assume a Leadership Role
HR Exchange Network

Webinar: How Can Talent Acquisition Teams Show Their Value? With HR Curator

Collaboration is the Future of Work
HR Exchange Network

OrgVue: Making People Count Report: 2019 Study on People Analytics (including HR Curator)

Culture Amp Webinar: How to keep up with the pace of change in HR technology including HR Curator

Interview Dave Millner – HR Curator (Employee Engagement Awards 2020 Judge)
Employee Engagement Awards

Is There a Place for You in a Robot-Driven Future? Interview with Bill Jensen

27 Best Employee Engagement Quotes (including one from HR Curator)

35 HR Experts Reveal the Drivers of Employee Engagement (including HR Curator)

Come on HR – Prove Me Wrong! HR Curator’s Thoughts on the Future of the Function
HR Exchange Network

The Ultimate KRA’s for HR Professionals (including HR Curator)

Employee Engagement Strategies from 22 Experts (including HR Curator)

Employee Engagement: The Comprehensive Guide [2019] (including HRCurator)

HR – Make Some Noise!
HR Exchange Network

Dave Millner Quotes

HR Guide to the Future of Work: Video Masterclass
The PeopleSpace

What we watched this week…Navigating the future of work (including HR Curator)
The PeopleSpace

How to Re-Tool HR For Success Now: Video Masterclass
The PeopleSpace

Strategic HR – Is That Realistic? Be A Power Station Instead
HR Exchange Network

AIHR Live – Episode 3 with Dave Millner “The HR Curator”
Analytics in HR

Architecting the Future Digital Workplace to Create the Best Employee Experience: Breakfast Briefing With Dave Millner
Savannah Group

Tap’d Solutions Podcast: Tomorrow’s Leader with HR Curator
Tap’d Solutions

Tap’d Solutions Podcast: The Future of Employee Engagement with HR Curator
Tap’d Solutions

Tap’d Solutions Podcast: Making change happen in a Digital world with HR Curator
Tap’d Solutions

Tap’d Solutions Podcast: Why is the Employee Experience so important? With HR Curator
Tap’d Solutions

Reflections on the 5th Tap’d HR Forum: Future Leaders and the case for Diversity (including HR Curator)
Tap’d Solutions

Engaging your ‘B’ team is vital
Gulf News

Getting the best out of expatriates
Gulf News

Getting teams to work better
Gulf News

Building trust in the workplace
Gulf News

HR: Don’t be afraid to get noticed
Gulf News

Collaboration creates efficiency unlocking human power
Gulf News

Is it managing or is it coaching?
Gulf News

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