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About the book

An Introduction to People Analytics


An understanding of people analytics is a crucial skill for all HR professionals. No longer limited to employees in data teams or those with analyst in their job titles, people analytics is now an integral part of every HR job. ‘Introduction to People Analytics’ allows all HR professionals to get to grips with analytics, feel confident in their ability to handle employee and organizational data and use analytics to move from opinions to insights.  It also shows what can be done data-wise by HR practitioners, and at what stage, expert people analytics specialists need to be utilised to undertake more complex statistical analysis.  People analytics doesn’t not mean that every HR practitioner needs to be a data geek – no, but they do need to be more data driven in their approach.

From where to find data in an organization, how to collect it and analyse it through to how to use these findings to add business value, ‘Introduction to People Analytics’ is essential reading for all HR professionals. The Second Edition of the book has over 40 case studies and thought leadership insights from companies who have leveraged people analytics to improve culture and employee engagement, increase business critical performance areas and reduce costs. These include NHS Stockport, Brompton Bikes, British Heart Foundation, NHS Newcastle, King, Experian, AstraZeneca, FIS, Swarovski and many more.  This book shows how and where people analytics can make a tangible difference to organizations. There is also expert guidance and practical advice on how to embed analytics into HR processes and adopt a data-driven approach to all workplace activities.

It’s more than just another people analytics book though as it also covers the context for change across HR, the underlying need for all HR practitioners to be commercial in outlook as a baseline before starting data based projects, what the future HR practitioner will look like and also a ‘playbook’ that outlines how everyone can get started from changing your basic Key Performance Indicators through to working on a project with specialist data experts.

There are no equations in the book – it’s about changing your mindset and understanding that data is not going to go away, so embrace it, learn it and start thinking about how mathematics can help you build your credibility with business leaders.

About the authors

Dave Millner BSc (Hons) Psych, FCIPD, ACIB
HR Futurist and Executive Consulting Partner

Dave is an Occupational Psychologist with nearly 30 years HR and consulting experience working across the world with global clients on their assessment/performance, employee engagement and organizational development based challenges. Dave has a real passion regarding the transformation of HR functions and the need for a more commercially focused response to client demands and the role that analytics and new ways of thinking can help to change the perceptions of HR.

Nadeem Khan

Nadeem is a business author, keynote speaker, futurist, leadership coach and consultant in organizational strategy, digital transformation and the future of work. Over the past decade, he has advised and worked with many of the world’s best-known organizations on improving business performance. He is a regular industry writer and themanaging director at Optimizhr Ltd. – a data and people analytics solution provider offering services that amplify and align performance strategy, process optimisation and organizational development.

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