HRChat Interview with Dave Millner: Transforming How Leaders and Employees Relate to the Workplace

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Taking a More Commercial Lense to the HR Function

In HRchat 253, we consider some key organizational-based interventions and solutions that transform the way leaders and employees feel about their workplace experience. Dave shares why he believes HR needs to take a more commercial approach to people management. Listen too, as he makes predictions for how the HR function will evolve and change over the coming years.

My guest this time is Dave Millner, author and Founder at HR Curator Ltd, a firm providing consultancy advice, support, and solutions to clients as HR functions make changes that align their activities with the new digital organizations of the future.

I don’t believe that commercialism is to the detriment of the HR department“, says Dave. “I believe that if we’re smart, we can actually use that approach to highlight the importance of a company’s people and what they do“.

Listen to HRchat Podcast

Listen to this HRchat episode with Dave Millner and discover:

  • What Dave means by advocating for a need for HR to be more commercial in its’ approach?
  • Is data and money increasingly taking over the priorities of HR at the expense of empathy and the human touch?
  • What are some of the challenges facing the HR function in the rest of this year and what lessons have been learned by HR and leaders since the pandemic hit? How have firms tried to future-proof their businesses to minimize the long term impact of the pandemic?
  • How Dave would you like to see HR progress and evolve as a function in the rest of the 2020s?
  • The lessons for leaders and HR pros shared in Dave’s new book, Introduction to People Analytics and the lessons he shares in it.
  • Key practices and policies that the HR department can implement today to make a difference to the ways leaders and employees feel about their work experience?

More About Dave Millner

Dave has a business background working in financial services, followed by 30 years of internal and external HR consulting experience at the UK-based bank NatWest, PSL, Kenexa and IBM as an occupational psychologist.

He has worked directly with various global and multi-national firms offering organizational effectiveness-based solutions focusing on future-proofing their businesses. He’s referenced as being a key influencer in a number of HR subject areas on Twitter via @HRCurator. He’s also an Associate with Corporate Research Forum (CRF), GPS Asia, the Centre for Effective Organizations at the University of Southern California (USC), and is an Adviser to iPsychTec, a cultural analytics provider.

Dave is a regular presenter at global HR conferences promoting the role of technology, people analytics, and the need for HR to be more commercial in its’ approach so that it can demonstrate tangible business value. His first book ‘Introduction to People Analytics’ on the changing role of HR and the increasing demand for data insights was published in April 2020.

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