Coronavirus: What Should HR Be Doing?

In a time of crisis, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is having huge implications on business. How can HR respond and what should HR be doing? How can HR be preparing for the future in times of uncertainty?

This document explores the following:

What should HR be doing now?

  • Rebalancing – taking a nuanced approach
  • Fact-based – avoiding reacting to the press and social media, focus only on facts
  • Planning – reflect and plan for the worst case scenario
  • Focus – focus on HR, employees and the business
  • Never waste a good crisis – address underlying issues
  • Communicate – communicate, communicate and then communicate some more
  • Connect – using virtual platforms
  • Learning – don’t forget about development
  • Working Remotely – setting up appropriate work spaces, holding regular one-to-ones and considering different time zones.

How should HR be planning for the future?

  • Focus on the business, not HR – focus on future activities that drive business value
  • Productivity – tackling the productivity challenges
  • Remotivate – re-energising the workforce
  • A culture of care – showing you care
  • Purpose – reinforcing the organisation’s purpose

This document also reflects on key lessons and how to accept the new normal.


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