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Dave Millner is a highly experienced conference speaker and workshop facilitator covering “all things” relating to the future of HR and work, the application of workforce analytics in the workplace and organisational effectiveness strategies.


Dave Millner is a consultant with over 30 years experience specialising in the areas of organisational development and design, employee engagement and experience strategies, workforce frameworks, executive coaching and HR & digital transformation programs.


Dave Millner regularly writes for a range of different publications (HR Exchange Network, The People Space) and his debut book with Nadeem Khan, 'An Introduction to People Analytics' was launched with some great feedback in April 2020.

What is HR Curator?

@HRCurator has been recognized for the past 5 years as being the “go to” Twitter location to follow for HR practitioners who want to access articles, reports and insights regarding HR from the world of social media in an effort to be more commercially aware and mindful of current and future external trends.

Now there is a HRCurator website as well (with many thanks to Mike Gegg of South Thames Marketing who helped coach and teach us how to create this). The intention is to create a location where HR practitioners can now access those important articles and reports in one place rather than having to revisit their Twitter feeds. The site will evolve with information that will enable HR practitioners to be able to confidently talk about the people and business issues of the day and to provide those all important insights regarding the future of work and the future challenges that all organizations will face.

Additionally, for the past 5 years HRCurator has been providing consultancy advice, support and workshop based solutions (for example: Data Driven HR and People Analytics, Future of HRBP Role) to clients across the UK and Europe, the Middle East, the Far East, as HR functions make changes that align their activities with the new digital and data driven demands of the future.

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